Whether Its Vinyl or Liquid Wrap We've Got You Covered!

We offer a wide variety of options, applications, colors, and brand like Alpha Pigments, 3m, Avery Dennison and more at our shop. So whether you want something small like wheels blacked out or a big project like a full color change we are able to accommodate any request!



Available Wrap Services

Liquid Wrap Pricing

High Gloss/ OEM Matte Pricing

Solid Colors Basic Shifts 

Starting @ $2800

Supershift, SuperFlake, and Hypershift Pearls 

Starting @ $3500

Chrome Delete (liquid wrap only)


Buff and Polish NO Sanding (Gloss Only)

$750 $950 (SUV and Up)

Flow Coat (Gloss only)

$1500 or $2000(SUV and up)

Ceramic Coat 


Low End Material Satin/Matte Finish

$1800 (Coupe/Sedan) $2000 (Truck/SUV)

Motorcycles/ATV/Trike Style Bikes (With Fairings Removed)

Basic Colors $600

Specialty Coolors $800

Wheel Wraps

$450 (face only) 

$600 for the barrel portion of the wheel



Vinyl Wrap Pricing

Full Vehicle Wraps

3m, Avery Dennison, and Oracale 

Starting @ $2800

Ceramic Coating 


Partial Wraps (roof, hood, etc)

Starting @ $250

Chrome Delete

Starting @ $450



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